Tenali Double Horse

It's time to work it out

Tenali Double Horse is coming with a new initiative for a better future for you and us, lets think sustainability and reduce the usage of Plastic.

Reducing – Try to reduce the amount of  plastic you produce, as this is the best way to help the environment! If you cannot avoid producing the waste, try…


Reusing – Think of ways you could reuse something, like shredding paper for your hamster rather than buying bedding or saving glass jars for storage. If you can not reuse something try…

Recycling (and composting)
This enables the materials you throw away to be used again by making them into new products.

More than

million tones

of plastic exists in oceans today

An Estimated

4.8 to 12.7
million tones

of plastic enters into oceans every year

Why we are using Single-use plastic ?

  • Increases Product Life
  • Reduces Product damage
  • Prevents pulses and dals from being Shape Outs
  • Packing life stands for 4 months
  • Customer Friendly
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