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Congratulations on being selected for the second round of "The Rising Horses"!
In order for us to get a clear visualisation about your project, we've made it easier for you to write down your idea related answers in Q&A Format.
The below questionnaire is divided into 5 categories i.e.
a) Your idea in 500 words
b) General questions
c) Marketing related questions
d) How can you differentiate your idea from competitors
e) Operational viability of the idea for the real world business.
• Students are required to answer each question in the prescribed categories. • There is no min/max number of words for the answer.
• Please note, your answer should help the assessment jury understand and give them a clear picture of how your idea works in reality.
• All the submissions will be undisclosed/ the information given to us will be stored as per our privacy policy.
• If the assessment jury requires any more information, the student will be notified via email or mobile phone submitted at the time of registration.
• Please note, the project proposal has a deadline and you are required to submit your proposal through the portal/ via email to the Tenali Double Horse team before the due date.
• Tenali Double Horse holds every right to terminate any idea, if seemed to be copied/translated/paraphrased/offensive comments passed to the jury.
• All the winners will be finalised by Tenali Double Horse jury on or before 01-03-2022.
The winners will be declared on 03-03-2022.