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Tenali Double Horse is extremely grateful and proud for the fact that their products are now a part and parcel of almost every household in all over India.

The new yet distant norms that have been introduced by the pandemic has made us worry for our health and well being more than anything else.

We are in need of not parties or any get togethers instead are choosing to stay back home and skipping all those get togethers and functions.

So, what can you do when you have to calm your shopping spree bugs and order online for all the things that you love and need.

Tenali Double Horse is your solution that will bar you from suffering the bad impacts that have been introduced by the pandemic. Contactless delivery of products is what we offer and you can choose us to serve your best interests.

Our Recipes

Tenali Double Horse -Recipes

Check out our collection constituting a wide range of handpicked delicious which are prominent in different parts of our country. All of them can be made with Tenali Double Horse and we bet you the taste and health.

Our New Products

Tenali Double Horse -Recipes

The best of Tenali Double Horse – New and tested. You have made us a great hit in terms of Urad Gota.

We know how Toor Dall and Moong Dall are greatly used in every household on a daily basis.

With the same quality that we maintain with Urad Gota, Tenali Double Horse is now came up with Toor Dall and Moong Dall.

Now you can not only enjoy a tasty breakfast but also an entire meal.

“Tasty food, set inside a lovely house.”

Reliability is a prize that every business owner works hard for. And Tenali double horse is overwhelmed to receive this highest achievement of reliability from its consumers. And in turn it serves them with quality and timely delivery, tradition and taste.
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