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Among the best quality Urad Dal production in India, Krishna and Guntur Districts of Andhra Pradesh takes a major play. From this areas Maharani Dal mill will choose the best quality crop producing areas and would purchase and process them. We have a strong R & D to develop innovative products to increase quality.


To provide more quantity of “Batter” from less quantity of “Urad Dal”. We always believe in providing the best to our customers, combination of taste and tradition with ease of modernity and easy to cook. Tenali Double Horse is our brand to produce and market Urad dal in the market. Best in the market we provide with assured products.


To provide a delicious and healthy food grains to the people. For this we choose the high quality black gram through farmers from all over the country. We at Maharani dal mill are committed to provide the highest quality products and service to our customers to satisfy their needs and expectations of Quality, reliability and timely delivery.


Tenali Double Horse

Maharani Gota

Husked Black Gram


Good Quality and tasty. We are fully satisfied with Double Horse


Fully Tasty and good. Thanks to Double Horse


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